Consultation Service for Evacuees from Ukraine


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The Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation "TSUNAGARI" has opened a consultation desk for people who have evacuated from Ukraine.

The service provides information that allows them to live in Tokyo with peace of mind and also guidance on where to get more detailed consultations.


Name of the service

One-Stop Consultation Desk for Evacuees from Ukraine (within TMC Navi)




Plain Japanese, English, Russian, Ukrainian,others.


Consultation hours

Monday through Friday, from 10 am to 4 pm (excluding holidays)

*Please email for consultations outside the above operating hours.

During reception open hours, please inquire by telephone.

Inquires sent by email will be answered by telephone in principle.

 Please ensure you write your name and telephone number in the email.

When sending an email, please replace the mark with an @ mark.

Please be aware that it may take time for us to respond to your inquiries.

We have a chatbot for frequently asked questions. You can access it from the top of the website.


For other information for evacuees from Ukraine, please see here.

*This email address is being operated by Global Trust Networks, Co., Ltd. under the commission of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.