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1. Operation

2. Links

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  • Please indicate the link opens the “Tokyo Intercultural Portal Site”.
  • You must agree that the Tokyo Intercultural Portal Site may ask the link to be removed if the website contravenes the law, public order or acceptable ethical norms.

3. Copyright

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4. Disclaimer

  • Though every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information published on this website, no guarantee is implied regarding the accuracy and completeness of any information.
  • The Foundation shall not be liable for any damages, whether incurred directly or indirectly, resulting from the use of information or material contained on this website.

5. Personal Information Protection Policy

6. Use of Social Media

  • To view protocols concerning social media operated by the Tokyo Interculturalism Portal Site, please refer to our Social Media Policy.

7. Other

  • Please note that any document file and its contents may be modified or deleted without prior notice.

Personal Information Protection Policy

The Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation “TSUNAGARI” (hereafter, the Foundation) only collects the personal information needed to provide the services offered on this website. The Foundation collects, uses and manages this information in accordance with the items described below, and endeavors to create a website that all users can access with confidence.

1. Definition of Personal Information on This Website

  • Personal information is any data that allows an individual to be identified, including the home address, name, phone number, and e-mail address provided through the website.

2. Scope of Policy

  • This policy only applies to this website and does not apply to other linked websites. The handling of any information on linked websites shall be the responsibility of the respective organization.

3. Collection of Personal Information

  • The purpose for collecting personal information through this website shall be revealed and the data collected shall be limited to that specific purpose.
  • The collection of information shall be voluntarily provided by the user.

4. Limiting Use of Personal Information

  • Personal information shall only be used for the purpose specified.
  • The individual’s consent is required to disclose or provide information to a third party involved in a relevant project; the information will only be provided to a third party with prior consent of the individual or when in compliance with laws and regulations.

5. Management of Personal Information

  • The Foundation shall strictly safeguard personal information and take appropriate measures to prevent leaks, misappropriation or modification.
  • The Foundation will endeavor to prevent unauthorized access to data as well as to the personal information storage system.

6. Supervision of Subcontractors

  • The Foundation may entrust the handling of personal information to subcontractors for a specified purpose, and shall undertake necessary and appropriate supervision of the subcontractors, as well as obligate them to undertake the safe management of personal information.

7. Disclosure, Correction, Addition and Deletion of Personal Information

  • When the disclosure, correction, deletion, etc. of personal information is requested by the individual, such a request shall be attended to immediately.

8. Initiatives Regarding Personal Information

  • Initiatives to protect personal information by the Foundation shall be reviewed and improved as necessary on an ongoing basis.

9. Personal Information Inquiries

  • For any inquiries regarding the handling of personal information, please contact us here.