About the Site

The Tokyo Intercultural Portal Site aims to support the creation of an intercultural society
in which all residents of Tokyo can peacefully live together.

This website collects and delivers a variety of information relating to interculturalism
in Tokyo with the hope that foreign residents of Tokyo can live healthily and peacefully.
It also offers information to individuals who support foreigners and to those with an interest in interculturalism.

The Tokyo Intercultural Portal Site is operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation "TSUNAGARI".
In accordance with the “Tokyo Guidelines for the Promotion of Intercultural Cohesion”, formulated in February 2016 by the metropolitan government,
with the goal to realize a society in which all citizens can live peacefully and actively participate in Tokyo’s development,
we strive with citizens and cooperate with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, municipalities, local international associations
and private organizations to collect and deliver information related to interculturalism.

For inquiries regarding this website, please contact us here.