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Employment contracts

Regardless of nationality, anyone who works in Japan is subject to Japanese laws including the Labor Standards Law, the Minimum Wage Law, the Industrial Safety and Health Law, and the Workers’ Accident Compensation Insurance Law.

According to the Labor Standards Law, employers are required to notify their employees of important items of their employment conditions in written form. For non-Japanese workers, it is strongly recommended to have the employment contract written to avoid problems caused by language miscommunication.

A verbal agreement, however, is still considered legally binding; if you have any problems regarding your employment contract, legal consultation services are available for foreign residents. If you work under a proper agreement and pay the necessary taxes, you are entitled to various social protection schemes and administrative services.

According to the Labor Standard Law, the employer is required to state the following items in written form:

  • Conditions regarding term of employment contract
  • Work location
  • Work details
  • Beginning/ending time of work
  • Possibility of overtime work
  • Work conditions with respect to recess, holidays, vacations and shift work
  • Determination, calculation and payment methods of wages, date for cutoff and payment
  • Conditions regarding resignation (including reasons for dismissal)
Top page >Employment
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