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Employment and status of residence

To be employed and paid in Japan, the types of jobs you are allowed are limited according to your status of residence. If you wish to take a job that is not allowed within your residential status, you are required to obtain permission to engage in an activity other than that permitted (shikakugai katsudo kyoka) or permission to change the status of residence is required from the immigration office.

If you are required to prove to your prospective employer your eligibility for a particular job under your resident status, you may apply for an authorized employment certificate (shuro shikaku shomeisho) at the immigration office.

Inquiries regarding the immigration procedures for foreign nationals including the entry and stay in Japan are accepted at the regional information centers of the Immigration Bureau.

General questions that may arise during your residence in Japan, including inquiries on your residential status, are also accepted at the Consultation Support Center for Foreign Residents, a "one-stop" information center where the advice is given to foreign nationals living in Japan in the collaboration of the Immigration Bureau and a local city government.

Additionally, the Tokyo Employment Service Center for Foreigners offers consultation services and assistance for foreign residents who are searching for employment.

Name of the Center/Available Services Tel Day & Time
Tokyo Employment Service Center for Foreigners
*Provides consultation and assistance regarding employment for foreign exchange students who aim to find employment in Japan and current foreign residents with qualified status of residence under specialist category. Consultation service for residential status.
0570-011000 Mon. - Fri. 9:00 - 17:00
*English and Chinese interpreters available.
Appointed date (call in advance).
Shinjuku Foreigners’ Employment Assistance and Guidance Center
*Provides consultation and assistance concerning employment and job referrals to qualifying foreign residents possessing residency status allowing unlimited employment (such as spouses of Japanese citizens, permanent residents, etc.), and to foreign exchange students seeking part-time employment. Offers consultation services pertaining to resident status.
03-3204-8609 Mon. - Fri. 8:30 - 17:15
*English and Chinese interpreters available.
By advance reservation only
(call in advance).
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