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My Number

My Number is a 12-digit number given to all people with a resident record in Japan and is used for administrative purposes in these three areas: social security, taxes, and disaster prevention. As dictated by law, places of employment, banks, etc. may request My Number for administrative procedures relating to social security and taxes.
Foreigners who are registered residents are also enrolled.

Notification of My Number

After entering Japan, when you register as a resident at the local municipal government, an individual number notification will be sent to the addresses on your certificate of residence.
Individual number notifications are important papers notifying the recipient of My Number. Please store it carefully so as to avoid losing it.

Issuance of personal identification number card

The My Number Card (personal identification number card) is an IC card that, in addition to displaying a photograph of the bearer, also carries their My Number information. The card is issued upon application and is free of charge. The card can serve as a form of official identification and can be used to apply at a convenience store for a copy of your resident record, a proof of your personal seal registration, and to electronically report your tax return.
Individuals are encouraged to apply for their My Number Card by using the issuance application that was mailed together with the notification. My Number Cards can be collected directly from local municipality's public office once the identity of the individual has been established. Application for the My Number Card may be made through personal computers, smartphones, and devices which take photographs for ID cards found in public places.

Points of notice for My Number

My Number will not be changed except in the event that it has been compromised, or it is suspected that it has been used illicitly.
Aside from providing it to administrative agencies and other organizations for processing, do not unnecessarily display My Number.

Inquiries about My Number: Call Center (Toll free)

My Number Card Call Center (Nationwide Navi Dial)

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