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Police stations

The Police Department responds to emergency calls regarding accidents and crimes. It also provides crime-prevention information and consultation.

Metropolitan Police Department
Service TEL
Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department General Advisory Center
(Non-emergency help hotline)
#9110 or 03-3501-0110
Consultation for foreign residents 03-3503-8484 (Weekdays 8:30 - 17:15)
Crime victim hotline 03-3597-7830 (Weekdays 8:30 - 17:15)
Traffic consultation 03-3593-0941 (Weekdays 8:30 - 17:15)
Violence hotline 03-3580-2222 (Available 24 hours)
Cybercrime task force
(Consultation on internet-related trouble)
03-5805-1731 (Weekdays 8:30 - 17:15)
Top page >Government offices, police stations, etc.
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