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Japanese-language education

In order to succeed in learning Japanese language, it is important to choose an appropriate study method according to your current lifestyle and future goal.

Where to learn Japanese

You may study Japanese language either at Japanese language schools operated by educational institutions, or take Japanese classes and lessons offered by local community groups such as international exchange associations and other volunteer organizations.

Japanese language schools

Specialized in Japanese language education, these Japanese language schools offer various courses for students whose goal is to enter Japanese universities, colleges and technical colleges. The classes are usually held for 4 to 5 hours a day or 20 to 25 hours a week. Many students study Japanese for 1 to 2 years at these language schools before they are admitted to the target university.

The following websites offer an online search of Japanese language schools.

Japanese classes and lessons

Japanese classes and lessons are mostly offered by municipal offices, international exchange associations, and volunteer groups in the community and are available for reasonable fees or often free of charge. They are usually held once or twice a week at local public facilities or local school’s classrooms. Another benefit of taking these community-based Japanese classes is that since they are mostly operated by local volunteers, participants in the class are also given an opportunity to meet other residents in the community and gain helpful information for their daily life. Classes may be available for adults, children, or families, and can be participated in as a group or individually.

To check class availability call the municipal office in your area or the international exchange organization in your community for details.
The following website also lets you search for locally offered Japanese language classes in Tokyo.

Japanese language proficiency test

Japanese language proficiency test

The following language examinations evaluate the proficiency of Japanese language for those whose native language is not Japanese. Taking these tests can be helpful to know your skill level and set the next goal of your study. If you are considering attending school or finding a job, the test results can also serve as proof of your current Japanese language skill level.

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