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Education support

The following information and links to related groups/organizations may help your education plans in Tokyo.

Scholarship programs

For children from households with financial needs, a variety of scholarship programs are available mainly for college/graduate school tuition, including both grant and loan programs. The programs are sponsored by scholarship institutes, business corporations and local governments. Many colleges/universities also offer their own scholarship program. If necessary, contact the colleges/universities for more information.

Some scholarship programs are also available for high school education. Eligible applicants for scholarship programs should be able to prove their academic ability, will to study, and financial needs. The conditions for application may vary according to each program.

Furthermore, in addition to the national government offering support with respect to the school fees of students who are attending high schools, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government also has in place a system to assist those students who live in Tokyo and who attend private high schools with some of their school fees. In both cases, the systems are designed to assist households whose income does not exceed certain levels. Applications to receive such assistance are distributed by schools, please do not forget to submit them.

Some local governments also offer other types of financial support for households with children who are going to enter or are already enrolled in elementary/junior high schools to cover school-related expenses such as school equipment fees and school lunch money. Applying households should be the recipient of welfare benefits and should also meet other conditions. The amount of allowance and other details may vary from city to city; contact the municipal office in the ward (or city, town or village) where you reside for more information.

Exchange student support service/information

Listed below are links to the websites of organizations that are offering a variety of support services and information for foreign exchange students in Japan. Some institutions offer a service arranging homestays.

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Top page >Education/Japanese-language education
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