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Sports facilities

The sports facility listings include facilities for traditional sports such as Sumo (Japan's national sport) and budo (martial arts) and also for popular international sports such as track/field, baseball, soccer and tennis. Public sports facilities for citizens' use are also listed.

Facilities to watch sports

Major sports facilities for professional/national-level tournaments and games.

Name of Facility Note
Kokugikan In this facility you can enjoy watching Sumo, Japan’s national sport. There are many non-Japanese sumo wrestlers.
Nippon Budokan Various tournaments for Judo (an Olympic sport), Kendo (a traditional samurai-style sport) and Budo (a traditional Japanese martial art) are held here.
Tokyo Dome This indoor stadium is the home field of a professional baseball team. The dome is used for baseball games, martial arts, concerts, and various other purposes.
Jingu Stadium Baseball games of professional league, university league, etc. are played here.
Ajinomoto Stadium Soccer games and other sports as well as concerts are held here.
Ariake Coliseum In addition to concerts, etc., this venue hosts numerous sporting events including tennis tournaments.
New National Stadium This stadium was built as the main venue of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics which were to be held in 2020. The stadium is used to host events such as track and field competitions and soccer games.
Facilities to play sports

Major sports facilities open to the public, including gyms, baseball grounds and tennis courts, are listed here along with the links to each facility’s booking web page. For facilities operated by local communities, contact their municipal offices.

Name Note
Showa Kinen Park Sports/outdoor facilities
Ariake Tennis Park A venue with 48 tennis courts that can be rented
(closed due to preparations for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics)
Tokyo Sports and Culture Center (BumB)
(Japanese only)
Facilities for sports, educational activities, accommodation
Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association: List of sport facilities in Tokyo (Automated translation available) Reservations for sports facilities, such as baseball grounds and tennis courts, in metropolitan parks
Tokyo Sport Benefits Corporation: Smile Sports
(Japanese only)
Reservation for facilities at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, Tokyo Budokan, and other locations
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