May 2018

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Hibiya Festival

Tokyo’s Hibiya district is attracting nationwide attention with the grand opening of Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, a new, large-scale, multipurpose complex. From April 26th to May 20th, 2018, a theatrical festival called Hibiya Festival will make this area a whirlwind of activity.

(C) 2015 Kenji Yanobe, Sebastian Masuda

Hibiya is a nerve center of performance-art culture and entertainment, with numerous theaters making their homes within its boundaries. Held this year for the first time, Hibiya Festival is a district-wide event focused on familiarizing people with the joy of theatergoing. At Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, the main venue, stage performances packed with variety will thrill assembled onlookers. Other locations throughout the district, including such Hibiya landmarks as Teikoku Hotel and Hibiya Park, will host special performances.

The opening show, presented on the first evening of the festival, is a production by Amon Miyamoto, one of Japan’s foremost theatrical directors. Miyamoto’s original show will play for one night only, with a cast of some 50 performers. Making its debut in this gala opening performance is Flora, a giant girl statue who will serve as the festival’s symbolic objet. Produced by modern sculptor Kenji Yanobe, the 4m-tall statue will be exhibited in Tokyo Midtown Hibiya’s Hibiya step open space for the duration of Hibiya Festival. At night this “little girl” will offer a special performance as she turns her thoughts to fresh hopes for the future.

Throughout Golden Week, a series of public holidays that runs in 2018 from April 27th to May 6th, short stage shows will be presented free of charge in Hibiya step open space. Performances will cover a full gamut of genres, including theater, modern and traditional dance, musicals and opera. Whether you’re an avid theatergoer or have little experience with live drama, you’re sure to enjoy Hibiya Festival, where Hibiya itself becomes the stage for unforgettable entertainment.

Hibiya Festival

Dates April 26 th (Thu.) to May 20 th (Sun.), 2018.
Locations Tokyo Midtown Hibiya (Hibiya step open space, Q HALL, etc.)

*Please see the following website for further details.

■Tokyo Midtown Hibiya 「Hibiya Festival」 Website