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The "1 Million Itadakimasu!" Campaign



October 16th has been designated as "World Food Day" by the United Nations. To commemorate this fact, a campaign entitled "1 Million Itadakimasu!" is being conducted so as to deliver school lunches to children living in developing nations. This event is being undertaken by TABLE FOR TWO International (TFT), an organization that seeks to simultaneously address the issues of undernutrition in developing nations and obesity in developed countries. Based on the concept of meals being shared between those of us who live in developed countries and the children of developing nations, when somebody purchases a TFT healthy meal at participating company cafeterias and restaurants, ¥20 shall be donated so as to give a hungry child somewhere in the world the present of a single school lunch. The popularity of this system has continued to grow year on year.

In enjoying its 7th year this year, "1 Million Itadakimasu!" will run from World Food Day on October 16th through to the end of November. With a theme of "Japanese Food Changing the World!" the campaign continues to heat up with its symbol of an onigiri (rice ball). During the campaign, a range of different companies will be selling a variety of TFT menu items and other products whose prices include a donation component. Thus, while enjoying the Japanese soul food of an onigiri, anybody can easily make a social contribution. Furthermore, with the "Onigiri Itadakimasu! Social Action" (the Onigiri Bon Appetit! Social Action) on World Food Day, by taking a photo of an onigiri being consumed at lunchtime and sending the photo to a special website, ¥100 will be donated, this simple action giving children in Africa and Asia the gift of five school lunches for each photo submitted!



While on one hand many people worldwide are battling starvation; on the other the health of many is damaged by obesity and lifestyle diseases, etc.; such being the result of overeating. While thinking about the food imbalance worldwide and the importance of healthy meals, as an opportunity to act, what about starting out and taking your first small steps through "eating an onigiri"? The campaign this year aims to deliver a total of one million school meals. As you might share an onigiri with family or friends, please help spread warm feelings to children worldwide by sharing a meal with them.

*Please see the following website for further details.
The 2015 World Food Day "1 Million Itadakimasu!" Campaign
"Everyone Eat an Onigiri!"