About Tokyo International Communication Committee

As an organization designated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) as a "Recognized Local International Exchange Association," the Tokyo International Communication Committee (TICC) aims to fulfill its mission of promoting internationalization in local communities. It also aims to advance the internationalization of Tokyo by seeking close relationships with private groups, such as local international associations, nonprofit organizations (NPOs), non-government organizations (NGOs), and many other parties which act to promote international exchange and cooperation as well as support foreign residents. TICC also hopes to establish a wide-ranging network among such entities.

Date of Establishment

April 1, 2003


Ono Bldg. 3F, 17-15 Kandamatsunagacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Executive Members

Board members (3 to 5 persons)
Administrative officers (2 persons)

Main Activities of TICC

1. Collecting and Providing Information Concerning International Exchanges and Cooperation Activities

Collecting and Providing Information

  • In order to both promote international exchanges and cooperation activities, and also improve support for foreign residents in Tokyo, TICC collects information about activities and services conducted by the local international associations, NPOs, NGOs, private support groups and other relevant entities. It publishes collected information on the Official Tokyo International Communication Committee (TICC) Website and updates it regularly.
  • TICC publishes "Living Information (a Comprehensive Living Guide for Foreign Residents)". This guide includes emergency/disaster information and various other topics related to living in Tokyo. It is available in multiple languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean and Easy Japanese) on the Official TICC Website.
Living Information
  • An information coordinator is available at the TICC Information Corner to attend to inquiries related to international friendship exchanges, international cooperation activities and the support of foreign residents, etc.

Public Relations Activities

  • On its Official Website, the "L'ESPACE" newsletter is published by TICC. The publication introduces both organizations in Tokyo that are engaged in international exchange and cooperation activities, as well as it offering information regarding foreign resident support groups and useful information to foreign residents. (published on the first day of each month)

Management of multicultural portal site

  • By consolidation through the operation of a portal site "Website for Foreign Residents in Tokyo, Life in Tokyo" that draws on a broad range of Tokyo's multicultural information, we shall make even greater efforts so as to enhance the provision of information.
Website for Foreign Residents in Tokyo

Management of the "Life in Tokyo:Your Guide" Web Version

  • By hosting the web version of the "Life in Tokyo: Your Guide", a lifestyle guidebook for international residents in Tokyo, we endeavor to improve the dissemination of information to newly arrived international residents living in Tokyo.
Life in Tokyo:Your Guide

2. Educating and Coordinating to Promote International Exchanges and Cooperation Activities

Currently, about 550,000 residents from foreign countries live in Tokyo. In aiming to build the city into a pleasant community where all residents can live cooperatively while respecting one another's lifestyles, TICC conducts the following activities:

Communicating and Coordinating with International Associations

TICC communicates and coordinates with the Council of Local Authorities for International Relations regarding various issues. It also acts as an organizer for the Tokyo International Exchange Groups Association, which is a liaison committee that works among the local international associations in Tokyo. TICC arranges activities for this association including general meetings, executive meetings and workshops. TICC also prepares and publishes the "Tokyo International Exchange Groups Association Membership Directory".
TICC holds a series of "Free Professional Consultations for Foreign Residents" through the Tokyo Supporting Network for Foreign Residents. This is done in collaboration with the local international associations in Tokyo, groups of specialists, and other support groups for foreign residents. TICC also aims to promote cooperation between participating organizations and to establish networks among them.

Organizing the International Citizens' Forum in TOKYO

The International Citizens' Forum in TOKYO is designed to promote understanding and awareness of internationalization among Tokyo's citizens. It offers a forum for discussion where citizens, foreign residents and related supporting groups including NPOs and NGOs, may voice their opinions and talk about Tokyo's internationalization from various perspectives. These discussions include current topics, issues requiring resolution and methods of resolution.

Co-Management of the Association for International Communication and Cooperation TOKYO

TICC co-manages the Association for International Communication and Cooperation TOKYO with related NPOs and NGOs, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the local international associations in Tokyo. Management is based upon a partnership with these stakeholders. It is designed to promote international exchange and cooperation activities, and advance the internationalization of local communities in Tokyo.

3. Other Activities

Managing the Training of Multicultural Coordinators

  • In aiming to support foreign residents living in regional areas, regarding issues at the municipal level including education, healthcare, social services, employment and disaster-prevention, etc.; TICC helps nurture the development of human resources who can comprehensively coordinate matters across a wide variety of different fields.

Examining the Development of Support Networks for Foreign Residents During Times of Disaster

  • Concerning the possibility of a major natural disaster occurring in Tokyo such as an earthquake directly under the city, so as to be able to better respond to the needs of foreign residents, TICC summarizes the relevant issues for the purpose of support networks being developed.

Tokyo International Communication Committee

Ono Bldg. 3F, 17-15 Kandamatsunagacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0023
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